Corporate Innovations Paradigm

An innovative way to innovation design.

Public Webinar

Startups and corporate innovation labs are in a race for more innovation, innovative solutions, and innovative business models.

The question remains:  How do you innovate?

The founders of Society3 built four innovative companies, each with disruptive business models. The largest grew to 5 Billion in revenue. The “Innovations Paradigm Model” is the result of a four year research, dissecting what they and other disruptive business people did and how it can be done by others. The book, Innovations Paradigm (ISBN 9780359447121), was just published.

This seminar gives rare insights into the inner workings of the most innovative businesses and how others can learn to become truly innovative. It also gives latest discoveries from leading Neuroscientists about how our brain actually creates innovative ideas. It answers questions like:
– Where do innovative ideas come from?
– How leadership can stimulate innovation? 
– What are the traits and skills to repeatedly innovate?
– How can we get much farther outside our box?
– How can leadership support innovation processes?

– What is the ideal innovation ecosystem within a business?

The seminar is conducted by Axel Schultze, a 4 times entrepreneur, who created disruptive technology (patented), twice a disruptive business model and a disruptive service. In the past two years he helped seven startups to create a disruptive business model from ground up.


  • Unique corporate innovation strategy approach
  • How our brain actually creates disruptive ideas an amazing tour into the latest neuroscience discoveries
  • Oxymoron? Can uniqueness be created in a methodical process?
  • The inner workings of Uber, Tesla, Amazon, and other disruptive models
  • The Innovations Paradigm
  • Building the perfect corporate innovation space

After this webinar, you have a different perspective how innovation and disruption is created. You will most likely stop all your worries about disruptive startups and completely rethink your current R&D strategy. The assembly of your innovation team maybe pretty different when you go back to work. And the involvement of the CFO and the CMO may come with a bit of a surprise.

Innovation is changing the face of business more
than during the industrial revolution.

Since the industrial revolution, young and up and coming companies pushed their older and bigger competitors to the wall, but those established companies usually fought back with even better solutions. And we all learned “competition is a very positive thing”.

However, in the past 20 years, disruptive startups, like Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Tesla, AirBnB und almost 100 more, pushed rock solid industry segments not only to the wall – they created businesses models, most of their older competitors didn’t even understand. How is AirBnB continuously growing market share and the Hotel industry doesn’t even know how to counterattack?  The older Hotel industry doesn’t even have an idea what AirBnB’s business model does to them. How could Amazon, grow almost infinitely large and at no time on their growth path tried anybody to successfully compete with Amazon? How could Tesla become the synonym for Electric cars and the extremely wealthy car industry in Germany had nothing to offer and still today tries to find out what it is that is far beyond the electric motor. And we are just at the beginning. The next generation of startups in Asia, in the US and now also from Africa is no longer interested in bringing a now product or service to market unless it is truly disruptive. Live insurance for $10 a month in Nigeria, Free financial transactions in South Korea. Electro motor replacement kits for almost any car from the US. Credit analysis robots from Nepal.

Join us and learn how innovative thinker bend the future of product development. How innovative solutions and its marketing fuse to one. How innovation finance is everything but a small internal donation to let some kids play.


Jan 23  |  09:00 am – 10:30

Feb 13  |  09:00 am – 10:30

Mar 5  |  09:00 am – 10:30

Jan 23  |  09:00 am – 10:30

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What people who have worked with us have to say

An amazing view into the inner works of innovation. For most attendees a big surprise how innovation can be created and brought to market.

Matthes FCEO

The team describes the connections between innovative business and mental freedom in a way that opens completely new avenues for innovative thinking and disruptive innovation. Must attend / must read

Thomas KConsultant

Maybe the best way to describe and help people understand how our brain is able to assemble innovation and disruption. It becomes very clear that this is no handicraft workshop but a brain school.

Leeor GCEOZax

I was actually blown away, learning how we are creative or actually not and how it proves that we can build everything we can imagine – most importantly how and why.

John G