Public Workshop

Startups and corporate innovation labs are in a race for more innovation, innovative solutions, and innovative business models.

The question remains:  How do you innovate?

This workshop gives rare insights in the inner workings of the most innovative businesses, where to get the innovative inspiration from, how to think innovative, where to start, what it takes to make an innovation successful. The workshop is conducted by Axel Schultze, a 4 times entrepreneur, who created disruptive technology (patented), twice a disruptive business model and a disruptive service.


  • The act of invention
  • Innovative thinking
  • Innovative culture development
  • The Innovations Paradigm
  • From innovation to disruption
  • Creating innovation at work
  • Working with Innovation canvases (14)

Workshop Logistics


Sep 4, San Francisco, CA
Oct 24, Zürich, Switzerland
Nov 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Nov 12, Seoul, South Korea
Jan 14, Cannes, France


Entrepreneurs, executives, Managers
Investors, ecosystem Manager
Government representatives


  • Understanding the complete life cycle of innovation
  • Guidance and methods for Innovative Thinking
  • The book “Innovations Paradigm”
  • 14 different innovation development canvases
  • A complete program outline to use innovation creation at work


€ 495 / person


What people who have worked with us have to say

An amazing view into the inner works of innovation. For most readers a big surprise how innovation can be created and brought to market.

Matthes FCEOMaxmanc Inc

The author describes the connections between innovative business and mental freedom in a way that opens completely new avenues for innovative thinking and disruptive innovation. This book is magic.

Thomas KConsultantFunkyInc

A must read for every c-level manager, innovator, investor and innovation related policy maker.

Leeor GCEOZax