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As an authorized “Society3 Implementation Partner”, you will be helping your clients make a quantum leap in innovation development, by implementing the Innovation Paradigm in their organization.

What we are looking for:

  • Proven track record in C-level advisory
  • Experience in business process and change management
  • Experience with customer experience management
  • Experience in modern talent management
  • Capability to implement new tools
  • Capability to provide employee training
  • An organization with at least 3 consultants

Our solution is industry agnostic and does not necessarily need any technology know how. We look for talents with a wide open mind. You need to be ready to learn, entirely new processes and be open to forget everything you learned so far about ideation, business processes.

Looking for a local partner?

Please contact us to suggest a partner in your area.

All our partners have an enterprise business background, understand the pressure to innovate and the need for a methodical and success oriented approach. Our authorized partners are especially trained in:

  • Innovation-Needs Assessments
  • Conducting Innovation Development Workshops
  • Innovative & Disruptive Business Model Development
  • Moderating Innovation Design Processes
  • Innovation Lab Development

Partner Application

Please share your current offerings, business model and target audience.
What do you hope to get out of the business relationship and how could we help you ensure it is happening.