Corporate Workshop

True innovation is very rarely created from within a corporation. Mostly disruptive technologies, disruptive business models and disruptive services are created by startups. In the past 50 years, great progress was made across all industries created by their major players. Yet industry changing innovation or disruption was done by startups such as SAP, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Tesla, AirBnB, Uber and so forth. Many of them have become large enterprises – and then typically lacking major innovation. Why is that?

These workshops gives rare insights in the inner workings of the most innovative businesses, where to get the innovative inspiration from, how to think innovative, where to start, and what it takes to make an innovation successful.


Innovations have been identified as the most
critical contributor to a country’s prosperity.
Unlike natural resources, which are not
available for ever and tourism which is
depending on trends, Innovations are
abundant, until we have a perfect universe.


  • Understanding the complete innovation lifecycle
  • Guidance and methods for innovative thinking
  • Ability to develop an innovation value
  • The composition of an innovative ecosystem
  • Building innovation from within the organization

Corporate Workshops can be 3 or 5 days
See details by downloading the Workshop Brochure


What people who have worked with us have to say

An amazing view into the inner works of innovation. For most readers a big surprise how innovation can be created and brought to market.

Matthes FCEOMaxmanc Inc

The author describes the connections between innovative business and mental freedom in a way that opens completely new avenues for innovative thinking and disruptive innovation. This book is magic.

Thomas KConsultantFunkyInc

A must read for every c-level manager, innovator, investor and innovation related policy maker.

Leeor GCEOZax