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Swiss-based Society3 Group AG provides business managers with a model for sustainable innovation development. The “Innovation Paradigm Implementation” represents a 360-degree innovation development framework and process implementation, leading to highly successful innovative solutions. Society3 developed a unique program for implementing a complete Innovations Paradigm for businesses that includes an Innovation Strategy, Disruptive Business Model development, Innovation Creation Methods based on the latest neuroscience discoveries, and Innovation to Market Models.
The company founders have been successful entrepreneurs in Europa and more than 20 years in Silicon Valley, starting and growing in a total of four disruptive companies, including Computer 2000, Infinigate, Webstock, and BlueRoads. The founder, Axel Schultze, is also the architect of the Innovations Paradigm model and the author of the corresponding book, “Innovations Paradigm.”

We envision a world where sustainable innovation is understood as a key driver for progress and prosperity.

Society3 initially launched in 2014 in San Francisco as one of the first innovation accelerators. It was the first program with a methodical approach to disruptive business model development. Since 2015 the company registered in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Society3 is committed to donating 10% of its profit to the World Innovations Forum Foundation, helping entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries benefit from the advanced thinking models of the Innovations Paradigm and be able to leverage the models in developing their own innovative and disruptive solutions.