S3 Venture Accelerator Program
Society3 Accelerator Program Alumni The program is dedicated to startups seeking funding from Society3 Venture Group. It starts with a full week 'Entrepreneurs Camp', conducted by entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Europe who went from zero to exit, from local to global, from scratch up to $5 Billion in revenue. In 2015 named top 100 must influential global accelerator.
Generating one of the highest success rates measured by follow on financing.

Silicon Valley Style Training
Top entrepreneurs have an amazing vision, build an attractive culture and have a compelling business model. They create a long term capitalization strategy, have a clear go-to-market strategy and develop a thought leader position very early on. Top entrepreneurs ensure they get market traction as early as possible and never stop selling their idea and vision, they master connection building and learn fast what their growth determining KPIs are.
We are determined to help you become exactly that type of world class entrepreneur and invest in you.

In 12 weeks from zero to awesome
The Society3 Venture Accelerator Program is especially designed for scale-up / growth stage entrepreneurs

1 week in our Accelerator facility (Switzerland)
10 weeks guided execution where you may go back to your office
1 week final preperation and Demo Day in Switzerland


1) Week I - Entrepreneurs Camp

Day 1  --  Vision, Leadership, Culture

Society3 Accelerator Program: Vision

  • Vision Solidification A profound vision helps attract co-founders, investors, team mates, customers, and business partners. The art of being bold and developing a real big picture isn't about projecting huge sales, but articulating impact.
  • Thought Leadership The main techniques for forward looking entrepreneurs to become recognized thought leaders.
  • Founders & Culture  It takes team work to make a dream work. What you call company culture internally is seen as customer experience by the market. Your culture will make or break your idea. Tips and stories from past culture development activities.

Day 2  --  Disruptive Business Models

Society3 Accelerator Program: Disruptive Business Model
  • Disruptive Business Model Development Disruptive Business Models outperform any technology leadership. Working on various options for your business. Learn from disruptive business models and how they impact global markets and company valuations.
  • Product Integration Integrating all business model aspects into your product design - in particular the way users experience the business model.
  • Methodical approach to disruption Part of our success is our ability to methodically develop disruptive business models. The Society3 founder's key success factors are attributed to their ability to develop a disruptive business model for all of their four companies.

Day 3  --  Go-To-Market & Traction

 Accelerator Program: Leadership
  • Go-to-market Strategy  You know your market, you have a product, you solve a problem. Now the biggest entrepreneurial challenge is to bring your solution to your target audience, create success stories and grow as fast as possible. Working on techniques that help increase the success rate when you go to market. Identifying ways to create immediate traction.
  • Market Traction Traction development through top level execution on your go-to-market strategy. Successful entrepreneurs know: getting sales growth fast is the only way to success. Speed is everything when competing for market attention.

Day 4  --  Traction & Going Global

 Accelerator Program: Traction
  • Mastering Connections Young entrepreneurs seem to depend on connections from others such as Investors and mentors. Mow how about creating such an influential network for yourself? Ways to weave your own network and making yourself independant from others.
  • Growth Hacking Growth has a lot of sources. Growthh hacking is a great way to come up with new ideas to grow beyond average. Working on base techniques to stimulate growth over and over again.
  • Traction Getting traction fast is the no.1 success pattern of the most successful businesses. How fast is fast and why is it so critical.

Day 5  --  Funding & Capital

Society3 Accelerator Program: funding
  • Business Capitalization How to develop a capitalization strategy that goes all the way up to an IPO. How do you value your company. What investors are right for your business? Considerations about equity distribution for the team, mentors, borad members? Why equity is not a currency for hours worked.
  • Fundraising & Pitching The Society3 founders team successfully raised seed rounds, multiple venture rounds, and crowdfunding rounds. You will want to have options, know the differences and how to get to the right investor.


2) Week 2 to 11
Accelerator Execution Program

In each of these weeks we work with you online and individually. Everything we discussed and touched in the initial Entrepreneurs Camp will now be executed and made a reality. Expect one or two weeks in between each of the program weeks. That way you have time to initiate the necessary steps for a well managed execution.

WEEK 2/3
- Vision Solidification
Making your vision rock solid, including core benefits, USP, long term perspective
Creating a video presenting your future.

WEEK 4/5
- Disruptive Business Model Development
Fintuning your business model so you will disrupt your market.
Pricing, service model, delivery model, competition differentiation.

- Zero-Budget Go-to-market plan
Kraft a down to earth easy to follow go to market strategy with and for your team.
Social media strategy, convential media strategy, event planning, outreach program.

WEEK 7/8
- Growth hacking & Traction development
Finding ways to instantly gain incremental business
Growth hacking days, customer engagement model, advocacy program.

- Going Global Plan
CReating your plan to go global, preparing the necessary steps, market research, selecting initial target countries, making connections, planning resources and funding for it.

- Fundraising & Financing
Making a longer term capitalization plan, planning your upcoming round, preparing DD documents, form and be able to defend your valuation, pitch deck, investor selection.

- Presenting to Society3 Investors
All teams recovene in Switzerland conduct final preparation and present to Society3 Investors in a non public presentation event. It may include online presentations for international investors.

Key Results

Experience that timely execution is everything. Experience that leadership is not about great ideas but about consistent execution towards a big goal, including making unpopular decisions.



Who is it for:
You past the idea stage, you no longer pivot every week. Now you set the foundation for a global business. You are looking for massive traction, conquering a large target market and seek the neccessary funding.

  • Your company is registered, yet less than 6 years old
  • You have a bold vision and planning to address a large, international market
  • You have a stellar founders team of min. 2 people owning more than 20% each
  • All founders are full time involved and have no other business on the side
  • You have a diverse founders composition (Business, marketing, technology)
  • You have an MVP (Minimulm Viable Product) / Prototype, or at least very close to it.
  • You are ready to gain traction and raise the neccessary capital for major growth

The initial entrepreneursweek is conducted in Switzerland. Participation is mandatory.
For the following weeks you can book a space in the co-working space we work with or feel free to go back to your office and work through the program from there.


We do not charge anything to participate
Instead we acquire 1-3% of your company depending on the stage you are in.
We participate at nominal value (we pay for the equity in cash).
You get Society3 as a shareholder.
Plus, we reserve the right to participate in your next round.

Program Elements
  • Presenting to our investor committee for funding
  • We will invest when you successfully completed the program
  • Graduation with certificate
  • Part of a global entrepreneurs network (27 countries)
  • Access to the "Go-Global Program".
  • Lifetime Society3 Accelerator Alumni
  • Free access to Society3 Entrepreneurs Night Events
  • Help when you prepare your next round of funding

Funding Process

1) We will take the lead investor role
2) We will always co-invest with other VCs or Angel groups
3) We will do a legal and technical due diligence after the accelerator is completed.
4) We discuss the stock purchase agreement which is in English so that foreign investors could invest too. It is however based on Swiss law.
5) We will require a board seat.
6) Funding will usually be available within one or two weeks.

Application Process

1) Send us your current pitch deck and a one page executive summary
2) Let us know who the founders are (LinkedIn profiles)
3) Create a 3 minute or less video about:
...who you are, what you change, and why you like to work with us
4) Be ready for a short interview and ask all the questions you like to ask
5) Apply below
We'll let you know as soon as possible if you are accepted.