Programs Overview

Based on feedback and our own experience we began to put programs together that are built to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to accelerate growth, get more traction and move faster into their target markets.

1) High Performance Accelerator
We conduct high performance accelerator programs, preparing teams to run a growth rate business and eventually go global. The accelerator is also part of our due diligence process to really get to know you and your team over the course of a 12 week intense program.
The Accelerator is available in a local program in Switzerland or alternatvely as a global online program.

2) Goinig Global
The S3 leadership team took several company from zero to exit and from local to global. This is helping entrepreneurs to address global markets faster than normal companies would do. Going global is a race for market leadership.
Teams learn that going global is not about greed, it is simply to ensure a leadership position, learn as early as possible needs in other countries and give everybody access to your technology.

3) Mentoring
The Society3 Mentoring Program is generally unified across the world. Teams can expect the same mentor selection and mentor education in every country. Yet, all mentors have different experiences and different success stories. There are many ways to success and you may hear different versions.
Typically mentors have been successful entrepreneurs, sometimes very successful executives or subject matter experts in their field.

4) Pitch & Fundraising training
These programs have been provided in live sessions in Silicon Valley and Europe for several years. We now offering it also online and allow entrepreneurs from around the globe to participate.
One key learning is that it is not so important that you are presenting like a movie star but you know your own story inside out. As such every entrepreneur, no matter how introverted, can pitch like a superstar.

5) Free investor training
Across the globe, there are very successful investors, investing in early stage or growth sage companies. However the number of investors with no luck investing in startups, sadly outnumber them.
This training is for investors who want to learn from others, learn about startup investment strategies, best ways to exit, helping young entrepreneurs thrive and more.

6) Entrepreneurs events
Society3 'Entrepreneurs Nights' have been much appreciated around the world. So far we organized well over 100 events in North America, Europe and Asia. Some are pitch competitions, some are fire chats with interesting entrepreneurs sharing their stories.
These events are very casual, typically free and taker place in a co-working space. Since we don't charge we ask evety attendy to pay fdor their own drinks or food if available.

7) Community
In 2018 we are starting to create an online community with several tools for entrepreneurs to connect with each other, ask questions and get answers from the global community of entrepreneurs, investors experts and many other supporter. Access is free.
We reserve the right to charge for certain tools if they create some cost for whatever reason.

8) Traction Tools
We provide software tools helping with viral marketing campaigns, manages large numbers of online connections or manages online engagement initiatives. Members have access to those tools for an extended trial period for free and then great discounts.
We are not in to make money from the tools but need to finance the development somehow.


Questions? Talk to us: +41-41-511-2600

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