Society3's Pitch & Fundraising Training
Getting Best In Raising Capital
June 5, live online training (global)

Society3's founders successfully raised multiple rounds of funding in Silicon Valley and in Europe. They raised several seed rounds, multiple VC rounds as well as equity crowd investing rounds. And as such, this pitch training is more than just 'pitching' it is also about finding out how much money can or should you raise, how much equity do you give away, how can you do a valuation, how can you get a market validation quickly and much more.

Training Program:
This program is developed to help startups get investor ready and funded.

  • What can you expect from investors?
  • What does an investor want from you?
  • How do you do your valuation?
  • Creating a perfect story not a pitch
  • How you get your storry across
  • Many ways to completely kill your presentation
  • Your elevator pitch
  • The 3-minute pitch deck
  • You're not selling a product but attracting a life long partner

Some more topics about the program
  • How to pitch with only a single slide
  • What do you do if you can't use slides at all
  • Scaling 1,3,5,8,15,30 minute pitches
  • what's your vision, your big picture
  • have answers to the 25 most asked questions
  • Key items that make you perfectly prepared

Eastern Time Zones
Start times

Zürich10:00 am
Moscow11:00 am
Kathmandu01:45 pm
Hanoi03:00 pm
Hong Kong04:00 pm
Seoul / Tokyo05:00 pm
Sydney06:00 pm

Western Time Zones
Start times

London05:00 pm
Zürich06:00 pm
Lagos05:00 pm
Buenos Aires01:00 pm
New York12:00 pm
San Francisco09:00 am
Training fee:
This training is free of charge for all event applicants

60 Minutes in total, including some Q+A time

Time Zones:
Europe, Asia, Australia
Time Zones:
Americas, Middle East, Africa

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