Society3 Capital Marketplace Society3 is hiring
We have a very ambitious objective. By 2025 we want to help 50,000 startups from 50 countries getting funded, bring their ideas successfully to market, have created jobs and contributed to the prosperity of our society. This goal is possible with the help of the smartest, boldest and most ambitious people.

Current Job Openings
* General Manager Europe
* Marketing Manager Europe
Interns Openings
* Venture Capital Intern
* Marketing Intern
* Software Development Intern
Please send us an email to team at society3 | com

Please NO resumes/CV. Just share your LinkedIn profile in a simple email in ENGLISH with the following info:
1) A short summary explaining what intrigues you to work for Society3.
2) Share your LinkedIn and Twitter profile so we can see how you present yourself in the public
3) Share with us how you want to help us grow based on what you see on our website. Give us an idea why you maybe the best candidate for us. Being bold is absolutely ok :)

Company Culture
Society3 is an open minded and globally oriented company. We believe everything is possible and not even the sky is the limit. We trust that our success is determined by the sum of our team who builds the company. Don't tell us why things may not work - tell us what we may do to make it work.

Be Superficial
We prefer people that are considered superficial - just because they are always friendly and positive. We are smart enough to differentiate between positive attitude and ignorant. We are opinionated and don't try to be the nice guys as we compete for market leadership, but do it in a positive way.
Helpful Attitude
While we all have specific skills and interests - we all do any job necessary to grow the business and become very successful (achieving and exceeding expectations). The phrase "This is not my responsibility" does not exist in our culture. If something needs to get done, it is the responsibility of each and every team mate to get it done with the team, one way or the other.
We try to be very mindful by what we are doing with the resources we have. We understanding 'trying' as a never ending process as we will forever learn new things and new limits. We don't use paper unless absolutely necessary, we don't print brochures or send invoices by post. We do not support startups who are ignorant about sustainability, yet we are happy to help those startups to become more mindful with our resources.
Transparency and openness
Team mates, investor and entrepreneurs can expect from all of us to be transparent about who we are and what we do by seeing our profiles online. If you are not that kind of person, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it - it just won't fit our culture.
Loving your job, having fun
We live by the mantra, "Do what you wholeheartedly love and find people who love what you do - then you will never work a day in your live". If you don't have fun doing what you do, we will help you find a place where you do have fun.
Growing & Sharing
If you don't know what you should know, the team will help you acquire the necessary skills. If you try to keep knowledge for yourself instead of sharing so you feel important, we will have to let you go as we can't afford those experts. Politics to bypass another team mate or gain a personal advantages is very bad idea. If instead you help the other person to grow and raise, we see this as great leadership skills.
Self Driven
As a goal and growth oriented business we all want the company to get to the very top. As such it's all about execution, and truly enjoying what you do. We're not looking at hours worked but impact generated. Responsibilities are not given to you - you need to take it.
If you find any of the above not politically correct, please do not apply.
If you want to rock the boat whatever it takes you are probably a great match! :)