Over the next few months and years we share all the resources relevant for innovative businesses, including enabler, investors, documentation and whatever else you sahre with us to share with the group.

Mindset & Sharing Economy

1) Society3 is a mindset
We believe it takes a unique mindset to bring a community forward on a global scale. While on the surface we are an organization, we really are a mindset. Thinking big, making bold moves, thinking through things and then just executing them is part of it. Sharing and supporting others is another part. Society3 members build the collective intellect of innovation and entrepreneurship. With that mindset we are actually able to create an all new innovation and entrepreneurs ecosystem.

2) Sharing knowledge
In the old world, people kept their 'secrets' believing it gives them an advantage. It almost never did. Over time we learned that sharing knowledge is an advantage for everybody. Learning on steroid is probably one of the biggest advantages people in Silicon Valley had over others. Now stepping on it's shoulders we will share knowledge globally and accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship across the entire planet.

3) Resources
The resources we share are not resources that are exclusively provided by Society3 as an organization but primarily by all its members. Only together we can build something greater than any of us alone.


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