Alain Friedrich

Alain Friedrich
Alain Friedrich is a Swiss Lawyer and Notary Public with an MBA from London Business School. He advises companies, incl. startups on legal and finance strategies.
Axel Schultze, lead mentor

Axel Schultze,
entrepreneur, investor, 20 years Silicon Valley. Now helping develop a bold vision, disruptive business model, aggressive groth strategy and fundraising
Bettina Vossberg - Mentor

Bettina Vossberg
entrepreneur, investor, helping you on the B2B market development side and fundraising
Derek Henninger - Mentor

Derek Henninger
Entrepreneur, CTO, helping you with software architecture and scaling challenges
Dieter Kondek Mentor

Dieter Kondeck
serial entrepreneur, investor, helps you with business plan development, deal structure and company setup
Eric Milliken - Mentor

Eric Milliken
Lawyer at SutterLaw focused on Startup setup and creating new rules for online fundraising. US Leadership Team
Eric Trabold Mentor

Eric Trabold
Entrepreneur and sales executive helping startups build a sales pipe.  US Leadership Team
George Parrish - Mentor

George Parrish
Helps you refine your pitch. Startup Mentor, Seasoned sales executive Society3 US Leadership Team
Marita Roebkes - Mentor

Marita Roebkes
serial entrepreneur, helps women entrepreneurs with business development, marketing, social media, traction development.
Rick Thau - Mentor

Rick Thau
Former VC, entrepreneur, helping you structure your business, finance, and planning.
Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright
Investor, Mentor, former Tech Executive, helps you build a profound sales & marketing organization.