Society3 Accelerator - Flight 5 (CH)

First dedicated Growth Stage Accelerator Program
Society3 Accelerator Program Alumni The Entrepreneurs Camp is conducted by entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Europe who went from zero to exit, from local to global, from scratch up to $5 Billion in revenue.
In 2015 named top 100 must influential global accelerator.
Generating one of the highest success rates measured by follow on financing.

Program started October 10, 2016

Society3 Accelerator Program Brochure What the program is all about

The Entrepreneurs Camp is especially designed for growth stage Entrepreneurs building a rock solid business growth within six month, getting ready to become a market leader in their space.

Top entrepreneurs have an amazing vision, build an attractive culture and have a compelling business model. They create a long term capitalization strategy, have a clear go-to-market strategy and develop a thought leader position very early on. Top entrepreneurs ensure they get market traction as early as possible and never stop selling their idea and vision, they master connection building and learn fast what their growth determining KPIs are.
We are determined to help you become exactly that type of top entrepreneur.

1 week in Lucerne + 9 weeks structured mentorship. Individual mentorship to the B-Round and beyond.
Society3 Accelerator Timeline

The six accelerator participants

Democratization of art [marketplace]
Boating for every budget [marketplace]
Bulding special interest groups online [community]
Empower everybody to provide feedback on every product [Enterprise Software]

Instant ATM through the next shop [FinTech]
Instant ATM through the next shop [FinTech]
Key Results
Experience that timely execution is everything. Experience that leadership is not about great ideas but about consistent execution towards a big goal.


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You have a bold vision
You have a founders team of min 2 people owning more than 15% each
You have an MVP

Start: Monday, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Every day in the first week from 09:00 to 4:30 except Friday
Friday we finish at about 2:30 PM

Society3 Accelerator, Technopark Lucerne, Switzerland

$/€/CHF 5,000 for Society3 funded companies
$/€/CHF 15,000 for qualified external entrepreneurs

Included in the program fee:
  • All program material
  • Two entrepreneurs dinner with investors
  • Graduation with certificate
  • Lifetime Society3 SF Accelerator Alumni
  • Free access to Society3 events in San Francisco, Berlin, Munich, Zürich
  • Preparing the follow-on round of funding