Intern Venture Capital
Society3 Capital Marketplace Society3 is a global startup and scaleup accelerator, helping entrepreneurs to accelerate market entry and growth, getting funded and eventually go global. In 2015 the company was named a top 100 globally most influential accelerator We have our Headquarter in Luzern Switzerland and an office in San Francisco USA where we originally started in 2014.

Venture Capital Intern
6 Month Duration

What you will do and possibly learn
You will be working on the complete workflow processes from selecting qualified businesses / startups / growth stage companies all the way to financing and growth development
Society3 is disruptung the complete startup development process. You will be involved in how we work, document processes, develop papers that will help investors to become more successful investors and entrepreneurs to become more successful entrepreneurs. You will work on thought leader papers which we develop talking sharing latest insights in valuation assessment, growth strategy development, methods of creative disruptive moments and more.

You will also work on the execution part, participate at our events, connect with entrepreneurs and investors and learn to be successful with investor relationship management and building investor networks.

Skills & attitude we are looking for
- You need to have a business / finance degree and an afinity to math
- Yiu have a base understanding why and how companies get financed
- You are non to be a "go-getter" because of your ultra fast comprenension skills
- You understand that speed is the most importany quality in success
- You need to be open minded, learn new things fast and apply what you learned
- You English language skills in writing and speaking is absolute fluent
- There is nothing too hard, too much, too complicated, too primitive for you to do

Terms & Compensation
The intern program is fixed for six month
If there is no resonance within the first month, both parties can terminate the program
Month one we pay CHF 1200
Month two and three we pay CHF 1600/month
Month four to six we pay CHF 2200/month

Let's keep things easy. Just send us a short email (in English) to jobs16 explaining what intrigued you to join our team. Add your LinkedIn profile and maybe other business relevant online representations such as your blog, Twitter, Quora, SlideShare, (that's your resume).

And please, share with us your own ultimate dream, what will you want to do in the future. Share your personal business vision.
Expect a first response within 3 working days. If not feel free to call us +41 (41) 511-2885.