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Society3 focuses exclusively on methods and tools to accelerate innovation and the creation of disruptive business models.

Your act of innovation should no longer be random experimentation

We help you and your team to understand how the brain actually creates ideas, in particular innovative ideas, Moreover, we provide tools and methods to discover innovation opportunities, get to extreme innovative thinking and finally developing innovative ways to bring your disruptive solution to global markets.


  1. How our brain works
    First of all, we help you understand how the brain creates ideas. Without some basic knowledge how our brain works, it is almost impossible to strategically and repeatedly innovate.
  2. Innovation Opportunity Discovery
    Here we provide you with tools to discover innovation opportunities. Never again be surprised by any competitors innovation. With this knowhow and tools you develop your new Innovation Strategy.
  3. Extreme Innovative Thinking
    With a sound innovation strategy you will leverage our tools and techniques to get to extreme innovative thinking. It helps you go far beyond brainstorming and whatever you heard about ideation.
  4. Innovation To Market Model
    And then we provide you with tools to create innovative ways to bring your disruptive solution to global markets. At no time did even the best innovation sell itself. Here we help to accelerate the go-to-market process with unique tools and proven methods.
  5. Perfect Corporate Innovation Spaces
    And finally we provide some tools to build the perfect innovation space for your team.

Once you understand how our brain works and how ideas are created, you begin to realize that innovative thinking is a training like learning to play football, dancing, or become a brilliant expert or business leader. Talents need to be methodically developed. From now on your innovation teams will be able to repeatedly produce innovation for your market, like top football teams routinely play top games, dancers continuously stun their audience, or top experts or top business leaders continuously deliver top results. Like everywhere else top performer need a bit of talent, top training and good tools.

Complete Innovation Paradigm

We help you step by step getting your team to a repeatable innovation process.

  1. Innovation is far more than invention
  2. Consider the Innovation Ecosystem being the creation hemisphere
  3. Consider the market being the value hemisphere
  4. It needs many stakeholders to make innovatio a true success
  5. The value of an innovation grows with the size of its distribution
  6. The Innovations Paradigm is the sum of all its parts, players and ways to collaborate
  7. And to get there requires tools for innovation discovery, innovative thinking and bringing it to market

Enjoy this podcast - Innovation, Disruption & Entrepreneurship in 20 Minutes.