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Making the impossible a reality – getting the attention of a global market – ignoring the competition

Corporations of all sizes, older than 15 years are in jeopardy. It’s NOT due to lack of innovation – it is  lacking the understanding how to innovate. Tell your teams to be more innovate – the answer should be “Love it, tell me how to do that”. Your team learned to handle machines, compile algorithms, develop strategies and business plans, how to sell and how to market, create a long term financial forecast or how to hire talents. They never learned how to innovate or how to create a disruptive business model. Most even set innovation equals to invention.

Even startups may not know much about strategic innovation development but they know your customers dreams better than your best sales teams do. They build things nobody saw coming. They go to market faster than any of your top competitors. Most importantly nobody could really anan;yze what they actually did. All disruptors look like they are cheaper – but in no case that made the difference. They created business models their competition could not understand.

We no longer have a global paradigm shift, each industry, even each corporation has it’s own innovation paradigm. Some don’t even know. The innovations paradigm is as much science as it is magic. The magic of creating a disruptive business that the competition does not understand. Innovation is not about building an amazing product, that would be invention. Innovation is building the whole complex from idea to global markets.

Book Introduction

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Innovations Paradigm gives stunning new insights, methods, examples, and guidance to innovative thinking, and consciously created disruption. The author, Axel Schultze draws from latest discoveries in neuro science, experiences from top innovators, and research of disruptive business model behavior. He has over 20 years of experience with innovative and disruptive business creation as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur himself and as startup mentor and investor to nearly thousand companies from over 30 nations on all continents. His six years of experience as one of the most successful accelerators showed one of the highest impact efficiencies in the world.

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Complete Innovation Paradigm

The most important step in innovation:

Getting from the “Creation Hemisphere” to the “Value Hemisphere” or
Getting out of the lab, and into the market.

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