First US SEC complient Capital Marketplace for startups and growth stage companies.
S3-FundersMart-200x200 Society3 pioneered crowd investment
In 1997 the founders of Society3 introduced the world's first crowd investment platform Webstock. Four startups initiated very successful online fundraising initiatives raising their seed rounds and all four had an exit later on. With over $5 Million we raised one of the largest online rounds still today.

For Investors
Investing in Startups has always been a great risk with a great reward potential. Most investors however had not much luck getting access to the innovative startups. The FundersMart platform offers investors a wide range of startup and growth stage companies to invest in. The most unique aspect of FundersMart is its Capital Marketplace where investors can exit anytime and sell their startup shares to other investors on the platform. With that capability we provide liquidity in the startup market. See "Exit Anytime" below.

For Entrepreneurs
Society3 is putting an end to painful investor search and someties hundreds of pitches. Society3's accredited investor platform "FundersMart" provides entrepreneurs access to investors and investor networks. With the Society3 "Prospectus Composer" you create a prospectus in minutes without any legal cost and can go publically raise funds. Most importantly FundersMart dramatically reduces fundraising cost as fundraising on FundersMart is free.

Exit Anytime for investors
Society3's accredited investor platform "FundersMart" paving the way to a whole new group of accredited investors, by introducing the "Exit Anytime" model. Investors are no longer locked into a startup investment for 7 to 10 years until a liquidity event may occur but can sell their shares any time. We created a new contractual framework for investments and provide a market place for accredited investors to find buyers for shares they desire to sell. …read more

Value Added Investors for entrepreneurs
One of the biggest challenges for startups when fundraising is to find investors that can provide more than just money. The hunt for so called smart money is difficult. Society3's fundraising platform provides a unique search for Value Added Investors (VAI). The new VAIfinder is showing startups investors with industry specific skills, experience, connections and other intellectual assets that help grow a startup. …read more

Disruptive Business Model: It's free
We put an end to expensive fundraising campaigns, exhaustive fees and confusing plans. Whether you are an entrepreneur and want to raise capital or an investor and want to invest, we do not charge any fees. We only charge for the accelerator program that entrepreneurs can attend after they got funded. There we help you to grow fast, gain traction, solidify your go-to-market strategy and much more to maximize your ability to win the market. In 2015, Society3 CEO, Axel Schultze has been named top 100 most influential global accelerator.

Society3 FundersMart platform is US SEC Title II, III and IV compliant and allows us to introduce innovative startups to investors in Switzerland and the United States. We are planning to add more countries any soon. Swiss investors and investment companies are the first to fully leverage the Exit Anytime model.

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