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On September 1, please join our very first global conference call and webinar.
* Sharing our ambitious plans and getting your feedback.
* Society3 named global top 100 most influential accelerators
* Exit Anytime - what does it really mean?
* Dealing with Value Added Investors - and more

Society3 Platform

Fundraising platform FundersMart
FundersMart is a uniqie fundraising platform that is built to attract the 95% of accredited investors who do not invest in startups today by offering the very much sought after liquidity through our Exit Anytime model. Another unique functionality is the "Value Added Investor Finder" for entrepreneurs.

We provide a traction accelerator program for growth stage companies with the objective to gain rapidly market traction and market validation. The new finance accelerator program is for entrepreneurs to advance in their fundraising skills and prepare for the next round of funding.

Buzz Traction Tools
We provide entrepreneurs with a powerful viral marketing tool which empowers advicates to help spread the word and create repeatable success with buzz marketing campaigns. Another tool, S3-Focus, helps teams to keep track of all their social connections. The tools are designed to make a major impact, leveraging the socail web.

Society3 community is for Investors and Founders, Mentors and Advocates. We welcome everybody who helps entrepreneurs grow their business, creates new jobs and contributes to their local economy. Everybody can help spread the word and help startups and emerging companies grow. Membership is free - and will be free forever.

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