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Society3 is a startup, mid and late stage accelerator, helping entrepreneurs to significantly increase market traction and being well prepared for upcoming investment rounds.  The Accelerator boasts one of the highest funding rates in the industry. The organization’s unique ability to grow traction is based on highly skilled entrepreneurs who showed traction many times over, innovative Buzz Marketing Technology, and helping teams to transition from self promotion to advocacy. Entrepreneurs can come for 12 weeks to San Francisco or Berlin, or participate in the online model and can join from all over the world. The unique Zero Equity model provides a choice to participate by paying a fee instead of giving  up equity.  The founders of Society3 and top mentors of the Accelerator are successful serial entrepreneurs helping other startups to gain traction and grow their business. Society3 is based in San  Francisco http://society3.com  Social networks: http://appearoo.com/society3



Helping more entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams than ever before possible.


How we are different

1) Traction Builder Program - In addition to conventional mentorship only the S3 Accelerator provides a unique growth program helping startups where they need the most help: building traction.

2) Technology - We are the only accelerator with a unique and proprietary set of technology helping startups to grow their market traction in the online world and rapidly grow and manage their user base.

3) Business Model - The S3 Accelerator is offering startups the unique opportunity to pay a small fee for the program in order to not giving away equity in that early stage. The hybrid model (San Francisco location or online participation) allows startups from all over the world to participate in the program online, or come to San Francisco for three month and work locally with other teams in our co-working space.


International Participation

1) Bridge To Silicon Valley & San Francisco - There is no better place for tech startups and tech innovation than San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Startups from all over the world come here to learn how startups are build here, learn about the culture, get some of the special DNA, connect, collaborate and thrive. But no all startups have the ability to do so.

The S3 Accelerator, located in the heart of Startup City San Francisco, offers a unique accelerator program that allows startups from all over the world to join online and do what they would do if they are here. The program not only teaches the same content but l;so connects people with local teams and local services wherever they maybe beneficial.

2) Working Online - Only today with video conferencing, webinar technology, online groups and communities, Skype calls and other tools, a very close and social collaboration is possible almost as if the person would be local. The accelerator team conducts weekly workshops online even for people from within the US as most of the collaboration is online anyway.

Massive traction development and global growth strategies can’t be executed in face to face meetings. Only with rock solid online engagement skills startups can gain the traction that makes them comparable and successful in today’s global economy. As such online education is an almost necessary step to learn online engagement from the ground up.

3) Keeping top talents local - Each country, city, community is highly interested to keep the local top talents local, start their business where they grew up and support the local economy. With an online accelerator talents can remain local and still learn from the hot spot of innovation. As an option, the S3 Accelerator is organizing tours and events in San Francisco for visitors and accelerator participants who come over and work for 3 or 4 weeks in San Francisco, meet locals and get some more local connections.


Origin of the name Society3

Our earliest form of a society goes back to ancient Egypt. Preservation and transportation of knowledge was a very important part of the society. The society was ruled and influenced by mostly self proclaimed leaders, mainly pharaohs or kings. Ruling a society through a monarch or religious leader was the primary model of influence for over 5,000 years (Society 1).
The second major evolutionary leap happened with the inception of the industrial revolution. People no longer belonged to territorial bound leaderships – instead they worked for self made entrepreneurs who founded companies. Industrial leaders gained an enormous amount of influence in parallel to political and religious influence. Democracy has grown beyond a concept all over the industrializing world and a society was now influenced by political leaders, religious leaders as well as a large number of industrial or capital leaders. Pluralistic leadership models have been successful for over 200 years now and helped accelerate wealth building without taking wealth away from others but by creating added value. (Society 2)
Today we already get an early glimpse into what’s ahead of us – a potentially even bigger step in the evolution of our society, enabled by Internet and Social Media. In just the last five years more startups were founded than in the past 25 years.  At the same time a large part of the population grows in influence. Regardless whether a person is a leader or not, every member of the society can publish and distribute their opinion, curate other people’s content. “Democratization of influence” is characterizing this new era and is radically changing the way we see the world, make economic and political decisions. Widening influence significantly further will one more time expand the wealth building process through massive value creation through an exploding number of new businesses, more innovative, more agile and more customer friendly than ever before. Supporting and amplifying that development gave our company the name: Society3.