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Society3′s Business Accelerator is helping startups and high growth companies to gain significantly more market traction. The company’s unique ability to grow traction is based on innovative Advocacy Marketing Technology, helping teams to transition from self promotion to advocacy, years of experience with traction development and new ways to successfully implement the solution in the respective organization.

The company is disrupting conventional startup accelerators and also traditional product, service and support models by providing a complete experience for both startups and high growth companies. Society3 provides mentorship to startup entrepreneurs as part of the startup accelerator program. After completing the startup program, S3 is organizing Investor Presentations helping the alumni to raise capital. Startups are not required to give up equity to join the program.

Society3 Group Inc is headquartered in San Francisco.


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Our story, our vision, our commitment

Democratization of influence is growing fast and unfolding an all new face of our society. Influence of mass media and conventional corporate communication is declining while the general population is massively gaining influence on all aspects of our daily lives through Internet and Social Networking.

Advocacy Marketing technology was invented by Society3′s team of well experienced social media practitioners to cut out expensive mass marketing and work directly with the ‘customer voice’. We help innovative entrepreneurs transition from self promotion to advocacy based market engagement. Our solution is build on the fact that about 80% of purchase decisions are influenced by mentions and recommendations.

Helping more entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams than ever before possible is our commitment. Together with our team, and business friends, we decided to develop products that accelerate the democratization of influence, provide radically simple pricing and allow entrepreneurs and start-ups to compete with established enterprises on a global scale through Advocacy Marketing.

Vision in 140 Characters: S3 is helping more entrepreneurs make their dream come true than ever before possible.


Origin of the name Society3

Our earliest form of a society goes back to ancient Egypt. Preservation and transportation of knowledge was a very important part of the society. The society was ruled and influenced by it’s rules, mainly pharaohs or kings. Ruling a society through a monarch or religious leader was the primary model for over 5,000 years (Society 1).

The second major evolutionary leap happened with the inception of the industrial revolution. People no longer belonged to territorial bound leaderships as pretty much the entire population lived on and more importantly from ground they didn’t own – instead they worked for self made entrepreneurs who founded companies. Industrial leaders gained an enormous amount of influence in parallel to political and religious influence. Democracy and similar models have grown all over the industrializing world and a society was now influenced by political leaders, religious leaders as well as industrial or capital leaders. Pluralistic leadership models have been successful for over 200 years now and helped accelerate economic growth, education and wealth.  (Society 2)

Today we already get an early glimpse into what’s ahead of us – a potentially even bigger step in the evolution of our society, enabled by Internet and Social Media. In just the last five years more startups were founded than in the past 25 years.  At the same time an ever larger part of the population grows in influence not only as a new startup but as an individual. Regardless whether a person is a leader or not, every member of the society can publish and distribute their opinion, curate other peoples content and by gaining more influence as individual – conventional influencer such as politician, publisher and other leader no longer dominate influence. Democratization of influence is radically changing the way we see the world, make economic and political decisions. “Democratization of influence” is in essence the most significant change and will – yet again – re-shape our society like never before. Yet another significant widening in influence will not only help economic growth and wealth but most importantly accelerate innovation and self actuation like never before imaginable.

Supporting and amplifying that development gave our company the name: Society3.


A Brief History

Society3 Group Inc. was founded in fall 2012 as a merger of the XeeMe technology development (started in 2010) and the Social Media Academy founded in 2008. In Summer 2011 XeeMe launched their private beta program and gained about one Million users by end of 2012. The technology, the education program and organizing large Buzz campaigns as part of our consulting engagement laid the foundation for what Society3 is today.