Society3 Accelerator

Axel Schultze, CEO Society3 Group
5 x entrepreneur, 2 IPOed, 3 exits

“It would be great if I could support all the 5,000 entrepreneurs in our ecosystem. So I do it at least in a small way through our events. In order to be really helpful and have a significant impact, a mentor needs to understand the full story of the company with it’s long term goals, unique value proposition, the founder’s objectives and more. And so I can only provide meaningful support if I commit to a long term engagement with a team as mentor, board or advisory board member”

Please make sure you read the general mentorship concept .


Axel’s experience & expertise
  • Vision development or solidification
    A bold vision helps to craft a robust operations plan
    It helps to attract customers, investors, talents and partners
    Lack of a vision makes it hard to grow a company, build for the future
    Bridging the gap between vision and execution
  • Disruptive BUsiness Models
    A strong business model is mandatory to to gain any success as a budiness
    Finding a 'Disruptive Moment' in the business model is top
    Helping to find the disruptive moment and build a strong BM
  • Capitalization strategy (long term financial planning)
    How much should be raised and when
    Finding alternatives to equity raising
    Company control – how and how much
    A solid capitalization strategy helps save millions in equity value
  • Product evolution, product-market-fit and gamification
    Building a ‘market born’ product
    Inserting gamification into any product and why
    Making a product fit a market
    A robust product-market-fit strategy ensures product success from the get-go
  • Go-to-market strategy
    Objective based go to market strategy
    Defining tactical and results oriented measures
    Description method so that everybody knows what to do
    Saving cost on smart marketing strategies and tools
  • International sales channel development
    Building international distribution channels at the right time
    Selecting strategic channels for specific markets
    Saving cost and time on the right going global strategy
  • Strategic connections and alliance development
    Techniques to create strategic alliances or strategic customer connections
    Making the team independent of other people&##8217;s connections
    Business leaders are always measured by their connection skills
  • Company culture development
    Working on company culture and talent acquisition
    Motivation, inspiration, hiring marketing
    Only the best talents make the best companies (company = sum of the team)

Mentor / Advisory Board Member / Board Of Directors
Axel is working directly with the CEO and the board
If no advisory board or board of directors is established, we will help you set it up.
Like any mentor, Axel is no resource for the operational business but a guide to develop the strategies and find the perfect people to get the operational activities done.

Axel’s Mentorship
  • Initial one day business review meeting, including business strategy and financial planning
  • bi-weekly calls or meeting
  • Emergency meetings and calls any time
  • Working on any of the topics of expertise
  • Annual full day business review meeting

Mentor’s Compensation

“Being a significant contributor in building a great company and participating in the success as shareholder is what motivates me to be a mentor. I believe that voluntary help has either no real impact or commitment - or the supporter lacks of the understanding what long term equity development really means.

Get in touch and explore if it makes sense for you.

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