brain in hands Our Mission:

Helping entrepreneurs from around the world fulfill their dreams, create jobs and elevate prosperity.

To do so we are working with successful entrepreneurs, people who have been through the challenges of building a successful business out of nothing but an idea. We are interested in working with mentors from all corners of the earth.


We are looking for mentors with expertise in these areas:

* Finance & planning
* Operations
* Talent acquisition
* Business modelling

* Customer Experience
* Social selling
* Growth hacking
* Online marketing

* Scaling technology (Hardware / Software)
* User Interface / User Experience
* Infrastructure and security
* Production processes

What you should have and commit

* Have been a successful entrepreneur or one of the first employees in more than one successful startup
* Have a good online presence (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook…)
* Have at least one hour a week time for startups – you decide how much time and schedule

Some of possible benefits

* Giving back and helping others to become successful is one of the motives of our mentors
* Long term engagements and getting some equity in the startup is probably the biggest motive
* Being around startups and help shape our new society is an amazing experience
* Possibility investing in selected startups
* Possibly some closer engagement all the way to become part of the team maybe another benefit

Becoming an active mentor

* We review all mentor applications making sure there is a fit with our needs
* We introduce our mentors to our portfolio entrepreneurs (community)
* We share the list of startups to accepted mentors
* We publish the list of mentors for startups to reach out to you
* If you are an accredited investor, you get the option to invest in our portfolio companies
* We work closely with our mentors and share best practices to be most helpful to our entrepreneurs

How the mentorship works

* You provide maybe an hour or two mentorship per month
* You define the main topics you like to focus on
* Some mentors offer a weekly call for 30 minutes to discuss the most burning needs every week.
* If a startup needs more time than you can donate, you work out an agreement that works for both of you
* In long term engagements you may join the company’s advisory board and get some equity
* It would be great if you can join the accelerator program as mentor and spend a few hours during the 10 week program.
* You can offer workshops based on your expertise and run them for free or for a nominal fee
* The Society3 team will always be helpful organizing special events
* If you want to become an instructor mentor during the active accelerator program you will be needing a training to synch up on methodologies
* As active instructor mentor in an accelerator you will get additional benefits depending on the program
* Mentors are usually present at our quarterly Startup Night events in the region.



If you are interested in joining us, please login / register and complete your mentor profile:

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