Society3 mentors are helping startup and growth stage company entrepreneurs by guiding them to build highly successful companies. Our mentors are mainly entrepreneurs who took a company from zero to exeit themselves and know what it takes to do so, or executives with special expertise in specific areas of doing business.

General Mentorship Concept

Mentors are highly experienced business leaders - they are not consultants who work to deliver results and be compensated on a success base. Instead they may provide their mentees with guidance that may save millions of dollars by working on a concept for just an hour. Mentors do not solve your problems but work with you so that you or people you hire can solve them. Some of the help may just take a 5 minutes call, yet has an impact that you couldn't have yourself. If you are looking for people who you pay based on results, you need to look for consultants.

Mentor Compensation

Mentors are happy to help once or twice for free. But top mentors are extremely rare and their time is more precious than anything else in the business world. Usually Mentors are not looking for cash compensation but participation in future successes and the fruit of their work. Mentors typically get somewhere between a quarter percent and up to two percent of a company, depending on the company stage and the impact they may have on the outcome.

Time & Value

Top mentors are busy people who help several companies simultaneously. They won't spend countless hours with you but have a high impact within a call or meeting. Mentors spend usually an hour every other week with you. It is up to the mentee to turn the developed concepts and solutions into reality within a reasonable time frame. Prepare the bi-weekly meetings with information about what challenges you need help with rather than proud messages about your success!!!


Society3 mentors are highly successful entrepreneurs, people who have been through the challenges of building a successful business from scratch. The best mentors inspire, share experience, ignite new ideas, help make strategic connections, share fundraising and other techniques, yet never give directions or instructions. Our mentors assume that you are innovative and do things nobody else did before – hence mentors do not have an answer for everything but can share techniques to abstract solutions for unknown problems.


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