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Sep 26, global online program (Flight 7)


We are fully digital
Since we cannot get millions of startups to San Francisco, we were seeking new ways to scale and get our program entrepreneurs where they are.

Digital is a global development
Humans are social and prefere the face to face exchange when it comes to new connections. But after those connections are established, fast and 24x7 available online processes are preferred. Many are able to run global projects with dozens of people who never met in person. We actually did just that in our past. When joining the San Francisco Accelerator you getr more than just a flavor of digital engagement. You will rationalize how it can amplify your business.

Our founders are 5 times entrepreneurs who started and successfully exited five businesses. The biggest was $5 Billion in revenue.

SFaccel continues generating one of the highest success rates measured by follow on financing and in 2015 was named Top 100 must influential global accelerator.


Industry Focus
What we are focusing on #AI, #Blockchain, #Crypto, #Energy, #FinTech, #Food & Ag-Tech, #ICT, #LogisticsTech, #Marketplaces, #Mobility, SecureTech, #SocialMedia, #TransportTech, and related topics.
We currently can't help in areas including:
Pharmaceutical, Health Care, DefenseTech, Advertising and AdTech, Generic MobileApps, Fashion, Labor intense services, Consulting businesses, local shops or local businesses.


Society3's top success rate
Since our start in 2014 in San Francisco we continuously demonstrated one of the highest startup success rates in the industry measured by follow on financing after completing the accelerator.

Success rates vary between 50% and all the way up to 89% of follow on financing of the startups who participated. We attribute the success to the extrem focus on growth, traction development and growth hacking methods we help to develop.

We use follow-on-financing as ultimate success KPI because only those who continuesly are able to secure funding are the ones who have a very good chance to grow to a global player.


What past attendees say:

Society3 Accelerator Program: Graduates

"I am really impressed with Axel and his team. We’ve been generating significant traction since the first week of the accelerator program." Samuli Zetterberg, SurveyPal

"The S3Accelerator program with their guidance and hands on support on how to build traction, helped us from the very first interaction to gain substantially more exposure including additional customers. The team’s deep business expertise gives us advise for our startup and we could not ask for more; a successful program in the making.” Richard Wimmer, Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based Lellan

"Traction Acceleration works - we increased registrations and conversions from its start. It works best, if one involves his entire team into growth-related activities". - Jan Zajac, Founder & CEO of Sotrender


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