Together we can make the impossible a reality: Bringing prosperity to all countries by supporting entrepreneurs locally. Consider it a global, virtual valley.


Membership is for anybody supporting the idea of helping entrepreneurs globally to become successful in bringing their innovation to market.


Entrepreneurs learn from other entrepreneurs how to run a top notch business and what the latest stage of technology is. Investors connect to other investors globally, and compare notes on investment strategies. Startup enabler learn from each other how they can help startups in the best possible way. Governments learn from all others how to keep their most skilled talents local.


Basic Membership is free. Specific activities like participation in the accelerator programs, participation in the Blockchain project which require resources and investments are available to premium memberships.

Members collaborate across the world.

  • Q+A If anybody has a question, almost any skilled member will help answering questions from others
  • Workgroups for working on the most burning issues of investors and entrepreneurship
  • Guided expansion programs helping each other with market entries into new countries
  • Online and offline sessions Helping each other with investment strategies
  • Creating technology research on latest trends and possible technologies
  • Open forum to any relevant topic


The world Innovations Forum lives and breathes a unique spirit across the globe. We are global.


We help every new member to get up to speed in no time – because there is no time for a young entrepreneur.


We don’t ‘point’ to national governments, instead we collaborate with them for a better future of innovation and entrepreneurship.


All together we are more connected and can access more talents faster than any other organization alone.


With our global network of supporters. We no longer focus on a country or a continent – but the world as a whole. No physical location is providing that power.

Become part of a unique global initiative

  • Part of an open minded, bold thinking and inspirational group of globally engaging people
  • Nearly instant access to global markets, boosting entrepreneur’s traction and growth rates
  • Access to a global network of entrepreneurs, investors and supporter
  • Taking influence in the evolution of global entrepreneurship and governance
  • Have your saying in proposals to policy makers
  • Leverage a permanent online exchange
  • Getting insights from unique innovation and entrepreneurship research
  • Exclusive access to the World Innovations Forum event
  • Leverage the membership for other entrepreneurship activities

Organization Memberships

  1. An organization membership is tied to an organization. The organization selects a membership representative and up to two deputies.
  2. Invitations, newsletter and announcemebts will be sent to the membership representatives.
  3. The organization is listed as such in the member directory and can expose itself as a WIForum Member.
  4. Individuals from an organization can request an individual membership without a review process and pay only 50% of the membership fee.

Individual Memberships

  1. As an individual member you are listed individually on our membership list and be recognized as an individual member.
  2. You receive individual event invitations, newsletter and specific announcements.
  3. You are invited to participate in work groups, initiatives, programs and other activities.
  4. You can expose yourself as an official member of the World Innovations Forum and use your membership in your personal profiles online and offline.


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