We are a community of innovative minds such as entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs, investors, mentors, enabler, supporter, government representatives with a vested interest to make innovators more successful.

We believe that thoughts become things

We believe we can build everything we can imagine and we can break barriers most people believe they are too high. We trust we can beat competitors no matter how big they are and we know our thinking, our spirit and our action is actively shaping the world of tomorrow. For us the sky is the limit. "We" means the Society3 team, our partners, investor network, mentor network, supporter and sponsors. We look forward to expand our community with more like minded people.

Main Benefits

1) Compare notes with other entrepreneurs
You get access to other entrepreneurs from all over the world. Whenever you want to expand into another region or want to compare notes with entrepreneurs from specific industries, this is your place to do so.

2) Investor Exposure
Those who are Accelerator Alumni, Academy Alumni or part of any program will be listed on our game changer page and will provide additional exposure to selected investors.

3) Co-Founder Match
If you are looking for a co-founder or want to join a startup, the community is a great place to look for founders connections.

4) Get access to mentors
You get access to our mentor network, even if you are not an accelerator alumni. New members will be individually introduced to our mentor network. The mentors may help you with all their experiences and connections.

5) Free access to our Fundraising Competition
As a member of the Society3 Entrepreneurs & INvestor community you get free access to our quarterly S3 Fundraising Competition.

6) Free Pitch & Fundraising training
We provide free pitch & fundraising training for qualified entrepreneurs. We want to help you be best prepared when going fundraising.

7) Fundraising Platform at no charge
Entrepreneurs use our Fundraising Platform for free. The usage without charge is not only for listing a company on the platform but also using it to go fundraising. Another unique functionality is the "Value Added Investor Finder" for entrepreneurs.

8) Free entrepreneurship seminars
To our community we are providing quarterly online seminars for free.

9) Traction Tools
We provide technology that allows to create repeatable success with viral marketing campaigns, manages large numbers of online connections or manages online engagement initiatives. Members have access to those tools for an extended trial period for free and then great discounts.

10) Trend Reports
We will be providing quarterly trend reports and share it with SEN Members. It will help get an idea how our world will be shaped up in the next five to ten years based on the things that are developed in the moment. No invention ever made any immediate impact. It typically took 10 to 30 years to evolve. That was true for computers, social media, Internet, 3D television, smart phones, trains, airplanes, nuclear power, electric cars…

11) Credits for activities
We will give members credits (points) for selected activities. The credits can be used to buy training programs or other services that are otherwise available only against payments

12) Growth Stage Accelerator
Society3 financed companies or the ones that have participated in any of the Fundraising Competitions and match certain criteria will get 66% discount when participating in the Society3 Growth Stage Accelerator.

This community is build for Investors and founders, mentors and supporters of the startup ecosystem. To maintain a homogeneous group of like minded people we defined the following member characteristics:

1) Entrepreneurs
You are a founder, co-founder or founding employee of a company that is less than 6 years old (startups) or from an emerging company that has ambitions to grow global. Your activities are within society relevant industries such as tech or tech related space including health tech, bio tech, wearable technology, mechanics, robotics, optical technology, alternative food production, renewable energy, advanced communication, health care, transportation, financial services and similar segmnents.
There is nothing wrong with local businesses just the topics we cover and the talents we try to connect would not fit well in this community.


Questions? Talk to us: +41-41-511-2600

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