Pitching Application SF

Tips & Guidance for your pitch


  • Your company is less than 5 years old
  • Your company produces a product or software
  • You have two or more founders (why)
  • You should have at least a prototype of what your are planning to introduce
  • You need to use the PPT template we provide below to merge all decks
  • You need to be on Twitter and feature your pitch ahead of time
  • Your website needs to be up and running and in English
  • If you are still at idea stage, join us to learn from others, and pitch next time

Audience – who you will present to

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Angels, Investors and guests.

Apply to pitch at Startup Night
Presentation Template
  • Please use the template below, so we can merge all presentations for a smooth pitch event.
  • Please use your own background or background images but do not change the template layout as it will be merged with all other pitch decks
  • All text, text location and text style is just a placeholder – do your own
  • Use your own images
  • Remove the first two pages
  • Just do not change the base template setting

When you present
  • You have 3 minutes to present.
  • Please don’t use more than 7 slides (including cover and finish)
  • No demo no technical details please
  • Focus on the BUSINESS side of your company
  • Use the below template so that we can merge all presentations in one

Winning the pitch night contest
The best startup wins

  • A judges board of entrepreneurs and investors will vote. But also the audience and your network counts
  • Ask your friends, beta users, supporters to vote for you
  • We will give you access to our buzz technology to steer up some noise and spread the word !!!

1) All investors / judges will vote

  • This represent the financial world helping startups grow

2) Everybody in the audience will vote

  • This represents the market and your networking power – how many people can you mobilize

3) The number of buzz advocates count

  • This represent your marketing skills – how many people can you motivate to engage and support you


May the best win – we can’t wait to see you on stage :)


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