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Society3 Team
Manuela Rantra - Society3 Managing Director

Manuela Rantra Managing Director, Society3 Group, managing the company and growing the team to execute on the vision. Before Society3, she was Marketing Manager at the World Innovations Forum, which was integrated into Society3 in late Fall 2017. Before that Mrs. Rantra was commercial lawyer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Wetter AG, a Swiss steel company. Manuela has a Masters of Business and a bachelor degree of ZHAW School of Management and Law.

Axel Schultze - Society3 Management Team

Axel Schultze   Founder and CEO, overseeing the strategic directions of the company. Before Society3, he was founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based BlueRoads, the most successful Channel Management software as a service, founder and CEO of Infinigate, one of the largest Internet Security provider in Europe, (today nearly a quarter Billion in revenue) and founder and CEO of Computer 2000, the most successful European computer distributor, which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData.

Marita Roebkes - Society3 Management Team

Marita Roebkes   Co-Founder, managing the fast growing entrepreneurs community.  Before Society3, she was cofounder of Silicon Valley based BlueRoads, co-founder and investor relations manager at Infinigate AG. Her career included capital raising for a hotel project as well as various sales, marketing and operations roles in the Hotel, Travel & Tourism industry in Europe.

Rob Stevenson - Society3 Management Team
Rob Stevenson Application Manager, responsible for support and product management for all S3 platform products including Buzz, appearoo, Flights. Rob joined the team right after graduating from college.  society3.com/Robstevenson

Instructors, Startup Mentors - Europe
Matthes Fleck - Instructor
Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck Mentor and Instructor for Society3 Accelerator program. Also instructor at University of applied science and art, in Lucerne, Switzerland (HSLU).

Stephen Wright - Mentor
Stephen Wright Investor, Mentor, former Tech Executive, helps you build a profound sales & marketing organization.

Michiel Hamberg - Mentor
Michiel Hamberg Mentor, 20+ years IT work experience I consider myself a digital native, with a passion to create business innovation through effective use of IT internationally.

Instructors, Startup Mentors - US
George Parrish - Instructor
George Parrish Mentor and Instructor for Society3 Accelerator program. Helps you refine your pitch. Startup mentor and highly experienced sales executive. Part of the US Leadership Team.

Eric Milliken - Lawyer
Eric Milliken Lawyer at SutterLaw focused on Startup setup and creating new rules for online fundraising. Part of the US Leadership Team.

Michiel Hamberg - Mentor
Eric Trabolt Mentor, entrepreneur and sales executive helping startups build a sales pipe. Part of the US Leadership Team.

Dieter Kondek - Mentor
Dieter Kondek Mentor, entrepreneur and sales executive helping startups build a strong sales organization. CEO of Florida based incubator RocketLounge

Derek Henninger - Mentor
Dereck Henninger Entrepreneur, CTO, helping you with software architecture and scaling challenges