Intern Software Development
Society3 Capital Marketplace Society3 is a global innovation and entrepreneurs network, helping entrepreneurs to accelerate market entry and growth, getting funded and eventually go global. We have our Headquarter in Luzern Switzerland and an office in San Francisco USA where we originally started in 2014.

Software Development Intern
6 Month Duration

What you will do and possibly learn
You will be working on our next generation technologies developing artificial intelligence / machine learning based systems helping investors finding the best matching investment opportunities, or you work on a blockchain implementation to elevate trust in the transaction system on our platform. You will also get involved in our unique genetic computing architecture where massive informaion is stored in gene and chromosome like data sets.
Depending on your skill set you may focus on the backend systems and processes helping forther optimizing transaction speed, database access etc. or on the frontend side of the world improving the UI, UX and start our mobile implementation.
Society3 is disruptung the entire startup development process. You will be involved in how we tranlate that into our product including the motivation and engagement systems that we are using such as action points for community support.
While we request top quality work, we differentiate ourselves by being faster in every aspect of our operation. That includes Software Development, in particular bug fixes and customer request realization.

Skills & attitude we are looking for
- You need to have a computer science or equivalent degree, with a high afinity to algorithms (procedural) or design (UI).
- You speak SQL, Script languages such as Java Script, know jQuery, Ajax and the whole enchillada.
- Blockchain, machine learning, AI are no strangers to you
- You learn very fast and use online tools and your rich network to other engineers to solve problems quickly and thouroghly.
- You understand that speed is the most importany quality in success
- You English language skills in reading and speaking is absolute fluent
- There is nothing too hard, too much, too complicated, too primitive for you to do

Terms & Compensation
The intern program is fixed for six month
If there is no resonance within the first month, both parties can terminate the program
Month one we pay CHF 1600
Month two and three we pay CHF 1800/month
Month four to six we pay CHF 2200/month
There is a good chance for being employed after the internship is successfully completed

Let's keep things easy. Just send us a short email (in English) to jobs16 explaining what intrigued you to join our team. Add your LinkedIn profile and maybe other business relevant online representations such as your blog, Twitter, Quora, SlideShare, (that's your resume).

And please, share with us your own ultimate dream, what will you want to do in the future. Share your personal business vision.
Expect a first response within 3 working days. If not feel free to call us +41 (41) 511-2885.