Country Representation
We explored most countries and selected 50 countries by best estimate that the country is actively engaged in developing entrepreneurship and provide a reasonable infrastructure to motivate entrepreneurs to start a business. We also tried our best to research the existence of investors and startup supporters.

Current list of countries represented
Albania – Argentina – Australia
Germany - Great Britain
India – Italy
Netherlands – Nepal- Nigeria – Norway
Singapore – South Korea – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland
Taiwan – Tunisia - Turkey
United States

Is your country not on the list?
We are more than happy to evaluate more countries. Here is what we would like you to provide us:

* Country name
* Your name, professional background (you must be born in the country you like us to review)
* URL to three innovative startups plus LinkedIn profile of the founders
* URL to three investor groups or VCs plus contact names
* URL to a co-working space and contact information to reach the manager
* Contact person at a Swiss, German, US or UK embassy
* List of potential local sponsors
* Suggestions for local individuals who may become the WIForum Ambassador in your country
* Give us an idea about the entrepreneurs scene in your country most importantly if it is possible for individuals to found a company, own it and freely trade their ownership.
* Send it as email to

Thank you very much.