Society3 Venture Capital Group consists of Entrepreneurs and Investors from several countries. The team shares the idea that venture capital no longer can follow the old "spray and pray" model but must invest time next to money to develop the young teams to successful global players. Investment candidates have to complete an eight week accelerator program before an investment decission is made. Once the firm invests in a team, it will be accompanied by an experienced entrepreneur as long as needed - even all the way up to an IPO. Society3 has a proven trackrecord of very high success and funding rates since its inception as an accelerator in San Francisco in 2014.

We see investments in innovative companies are done with significantly better insights and much more intense support and guidance than in the past.

Here at Society3, no problem is too big, no solution too bold, and no idea too crazy. If we can think it, we can create it. We are here to help entrepreneurs make the impossible a reality, for the benefit of all of us.

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#Society3 envisions to more than double startup success rate and developed a disruptive venture capital investment model. Innovative businesses are carefully selected, then accelerated and brought to great success.

Origin of the name Society3
Around 3000 B.C. Egyptian pharaohs began to build harbors, cities and stimulated organized trade - even though with the idea of better controlling taxes - business growth exploded. The incremental value that was created provided Egypt with a level of prosperity that was unimaginable before. AND it was the first time that incremental wealth was created without war. However, wealth creation and influence have been in the hands of only one.

In the mid 1700's A.D. the industrial revolution fundamentally changed the face of society again. This time not a single country leader but hundreds of "Value Creators" even within a city were building products and services at an unparalleled rate and created a level of prosperity for those industrialized nations that was again unimaginable before. Wealth and influence has now been distributed to many which sparked democracy and prosperity for the larger part of a nation.

Today only 300 years later, we are at the verge of yet another fundamental shift completing the process of democratizing influence and wealth. We will see millions of individual entrepreneurs around the world create incremental value, with much smaller enterprises - on average 500 employees rather than 50,000+ and have a significantly higher impact on our global prosperity than even before imaginable.
In the next 25 years, Millions of entrepreneurs will build industry grade products and are creating more than 2.5 Billion new jobs. We are all part of that Society3