Entrepreneurs, Corporate Intrapreneurs, Investors, Mentors, Co-Working Spaces, Accelerators, Incubators, Event Organizer, Technology and Service Providers, Government Officers and everybody supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Billions are spent to stimulate innovation and the at of invention. Yet the initial value of an invention is zero. Nothing is done to help bringing the inventions to market. All together we can help ourselves by helping each other to grow, get traction and go global.

As a group we commit to help each other. We organize events to meet and get out. We develop our own technology to continuously build better community services such as fundraising checkups, co-founder search, talent search, building networks, conducting accelerator programs, creating a global trade application and so forth.

Membership is free and will be free forever. Specific activities like participation in the accelerator programs, participation in the Blockchain project which require resources and investments are available to premium memberships.

Members collaborate across the world.
  • Q+A If anybody has a question, almost any skilled member will help answering questions from others
  • Workgroups for working on the most burning issues of investors and entrepreneurship
  • Guided expansion programs helping each other with market entries into new countries
  • Online and offline sessions Helping each other with investment strategies
  • Creating technology research on latest trends and possible technologies
  • Open forum to any relevant topic

Be part of a unique global initiative
  • Part of an open minded, bold thinking and inspirational group of globally engaging people
  • Nearly instant access to global markets, boosting entrepreneur’s traction and growth rates
  • Access to a global network of entrepreneurs, investors and supporter
  • Taking influence in the evolution of global entrepreneurship and governance
  • Have your saying in proposals to policy makers
  • Leverage a permanent online exchange
  • Getting insights from unique innovation and entrepreneurship research
  • Exclusive access to the World Innovations Forum event
  • Leverage the membership for other entrepreneurship activities


Join us. It's free and we are all entrepreneurs, investors and/or enablers