Who we are
We are a community of innovative minds such as entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs, investors, mentors, enabler, supporter, government representatives with a vested interest to make innovators more successful.

Our Spirit
Breaking all rules als long as we don't break the law. The collective intellect is more than 1+1. We believe that thoughts can become things.

Our Mindset
We believe we can build everything we can imagine and we can break barriers most people believe they are too high. We trust we can beat competitors no matter how big they are and we know our thinking, our spirit and our action is actively shaping the world of tomorrow. For us the sky is the limit.

Our Culture
In short: ##respect ##Sharing ##helping ##zero-corruption. No devils advocate. No unwanted advice. Failing is the fastest way to learn. We don't convince others to follow our culture.

Main Community Benefits & Features

1) Exchange
Compare notes with other entrepreneurs. Get the help from other entrepreneurs from all over the world. Build your network. Ask quetions and get answers in timely order.

2) Get access to mentors
You get access to our mentor network, even if you are not an accelerator alumni. New members will be individually introduced to our mentor network. The mentors may help you with all their experiences and connections.

3) Free Pitch & Fundraising training
We provide free pitch & fundraising training for qualified entrepreneurs. We want to help you be best prepared when going fundraising.

4) Free entrepreneurship seminars
To our community we are providing quarterly online seminars for free.

5) Traction Tools
We provide technology such as S3-Buzz, that allows to create repeatable success with viral marketing campaigns, manages large numbers of online connections or manages online engagement initiatives. Members have access to those tools for an extended trial period for free and then great discounts.

6) Blog Syndication
If you want us to syndicate your blog posts to get an extra visibility boost and reach, we are more than happy to do that. All your blog posts will automatically be syndicated. Obviously with reference to your blog and your website.

7) Credits for activities
We will give members credits (points) for selected activities. The credits can be used to buy training programs or other services that are otherwise available only against payments

8) Voting Competition
Create a Quorum for an idea, a product, a website design and more and let the community vote over it. Each voter will be able to give you additional comments and suggestions.

9) Influence & Availability
We are developing more and more applications to provide dedicated entrepreneurs support. All members have a high degree of influence in the application development. The following modules of the community are not yet available. Please stay tuned, we will make beta releases as soon as they progress.

10) Co-Founder Match
If you are looking for a co-founder or want to join a startup, the community is a great place to look for founders connections.

11) Investor readiness check
All too often young entrepreneurs don't realize that they are simply not ready, yet burning through investors, not knowing that this is a bad start. We are developing an app that can help you check some simple facts and ensure you are ready to go fundraising.

12) Idea Exchange
There are many people full of ideas - more than they can turn into a reality. On the other side there are many people with no idea but ready to turn great ideas into profitable businesses. We are simply putting the two in touch for a mutual benefit.


Questions? Talk to us: +41-41-511-2600

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