VAI Finder (smart money)

More and more highly innovative entrepreneurs get more demanding when it comes to offering early access to equity in their businesses. The are looking for investors who can not only provide cash but also advice, expertise in their respective target industry they are addressing and connections into the strategic businesses to further accelerate growth. They are looking for “Smart Money” which exclusively comes from so called “Value Added Investors”.

Helping Startups Find Value Added Investors

The Society3 “VAI Finder” technology provides a unique opportunity for startups to look for specific values from investors. An entrepreneur may prefer investors that have access to the specific industry they are going after and help them grow faster that way. Others may look for industry expertise that is hard to acquire otherwise. The VAI Finder maps the profile from "Value Added Investors" and the search criteria from entrepreneurs. It is therefor advisable to investors to provide as much support as possible to help those young innovators with the experience they gained and made them successful.

Becoming a Value Added Investor

When registering in FundersMart investors have an opportunity to provide some background about their industry expertise and the connections they maybe able to make. All it takes is to select a few keywords in three different fields. The rest is done by the VIA Finder technology.

Value Added Investors can also easily identified by the “Value Added Investor” badge.

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