FundersMart is free
Startups can raise money at no cost !!! We don't want to make money from startups who have no budget anyway. And we want to have a zero barrier of entry for investors. So we decided to provide the equity fundraising platform for free.
Additional and more sophisticated services will be available with a premium subscription.

For Investors
We are changing the face of startup fundraising. No more commissions, fees or subscriptions when going fundraising. FundersMart is free - and will remain free when you want to raise money or invest in a startup.

  • 1) Investor registration and listing
  • 2) Investing in startups
  • 3) Portfolio Manager

  • PREMIUM SERVICES (not yet available)
  • 1) Trade Management
  • 2) Syndication Builder
  • 3) Analytics
  • ...more to come

For Companies

  • 1) General company listing
  • 2) Fundraising
  • 3) Investor Manager

  • PREMIUM SERVICES (not yet available)
  • 1) Extended Captable Management
  • 2) Analytics
  • 3) Growth Stage Accelerator (see accelerator)
  • ...more to come

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