Society3 for Angel Groups

Society3 was built by successful entrepreneurs who raised multiple rounds from angel groups, VCs and from an equity crowdfunding platform. With that background we are well aware of the fact that that a personal relationship between investor and entrepreneur is paramount for the success of a startup. We believe that conventional equity crowdfunding platforms are not very likely to succeed.

Benefits to Angel Groups

We are providing Angel Groups some very attractive benefits:
1) A well developed fundraising platform with options to also sell your shares
2) The fundraising platform is free of charge to investors and startups
3) We provide added dealflow and a personal relationship to entrepreneurs
4) We work with angel groups as lead investors
5) We recommend our investors who work with us to join an angel group
6) A broader range of individual investor are good to augment the round
7) We bring angel groups added exposure

Exit Anytime

Society3 is introducing a major change in the way investors can exit their startup investment. Conventional investment contracts have been structured in a way that an investor basically stood with an investment for 7 to 10 or even more years.

Society3 is providing both, the contractual framework and the platform for investors to exit if necessary. We know from past experience that no investor is investing in startups just to sell a few month later. But we also know that some investors may find themselves in a situation where they have to divest for whatever reason. Smart investors know that liquidity is the holy grail of good investment strategies. Having no liquidity when needed prevents most investors to invest in startups today. We change that.

As an investor you can sell all or parts of your shares after a minimum hold time of 3 month in Switzerland and 12 month in the US. We provide the market place where investors can find other investors and buy or sell shares. US investors however may face certain requirements i.e. reports to be filed on a state by state base.

You find more details on Exit Anytime

Value Added Investors

Highly innovative entrepreneurs looking not only for capital but so called "smart money" or "Value Added Investors". The Society3 VAIfinder technology provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to search for specific values from investors. Entrepreneur are interested in finding investors who not only provide cash but also business relevant values such as specific industry expertise, connections or specific skills and experience. The VAIfinder matches profiles from "Value Added Investors" with search criteria from entrepreneurs. It is therefor advisable to investors to provide as much support as possible to help those young innovators with the experience you gained and made you successful.

The current base version of the VAI finder is free of charge.

Additional Tools

FundersMart provides you with additional tools

You get a portfolio manager to track all your investments. You also get a nicely structured way of reporting and quarterly updates from your companies. And you will still be asked to closely work with the entrepreneurs you invested in.


This is the first all FREE fundraising platform for both companies raising money and investors. We don't see a value in just getting you together and raise a round. However we are developing sophisticated financing instruments which provide a real added value and will be available as premium services. One of those added values is our Accelerator Program where we get teams to top performance and we proved that already.

Startup Categories

As an angel group you know that some of your investors may prefer to invest very early on, or rather chose to invest at a later stage. In order to make it easier to find what your investors are looking for we created three categories:

Growth Stage Companies
  • A stellar team of 2+ complementary founders (min 20% equity each)
  • Aspiration and opportunity to address a global market
  • Disruptive business model, product or service
  • Having an MVP that is already tested in the market
  • Promising traction and market validation
  • Complete go-to-market strategy
  • Going after a large market
  • Company is registered but less than five years in the market

Early Stage Startups
  • A founders team of 2 or more or looking for a co-founder right now
  • Having a well defined business idea and plan
  • Having a big market opportunity for continental or global growth
  • Gathered market validation within a regional market
  • Having an MVP and maybe a few early adopters exploring the solution
  • Developed a go-to-market strategy and ready to hit the market
  • No detailed market feedback yet
  • Company is registered but less than a year in the market

Idea Stage Startups
  • A founders team of 2 or more or looking for a co-founder right now
  • Having an idea and drafted a complete business concept
  • Having an opportunity for continental or global growth
  • Gathered some market validation by exploring the concept with potential customers
  • Developed a go-to-market concept
  • Does not have a product yet / no proof of concept
  • Company may not be founded yet

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Securities offered on FundersMart are based on an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as outlined in the US JOBS Act. Title II and IV and an exemption from banking license requirements of the Swiss Capital Markets Supervisory Authority FINMA. The offerings are available to "Accredited Investors" in the US and Switzerland and based on some private placement programs also to "Non-Accredited Investors" in the US. Accredited Investors are natural persons who must have a net worth of over $1 million (exclusive of residence) or an income above $200,000 individually or $300,000 if married. Non-accredited investors are eligible to invest up to 10% of their annual income or net worth per year for all investments they make that year. Investing in securities involves risk, and accredited and non-accredited investors must be able to bear the loss of their entire investment. Society3 does not provide any investment advice, make any recommendations or specifically approves businesses on its marketplace. Due to the nature of the global Internet being accessible for everybody, we restrict access to investment details to authorized investors only. You need to register and get approved in order to be authorized. Authorization requirements differ based on the legal requirements in the specific countries. Society3 chooses not to be a registered broker, dealer, investment adviser, or investment manager.

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