Accelerator - Entrepreneurs Camp

First dedicated Growth Stage Accelerator Program
Society3 Accelerator Program Alumni The Entrepreneurs Camp is conducted by entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Europe who went from zero to exit, from local to global, from scratch up to $5 Billion in revenue.
In 2015 named top 100 must influential global accelerator.
Generating one of the highest success rates measured by follow on financing.

Next Program starts October 10, 2016

Society3 Accelerator Program Brochure What the program is all about

The Entrepreneurs Camp is especially designed for growth stage Entrepreneurs building a rock solid business growth within six month, getting ready to become a market leader in their space.

Top entrepreneurs have an amazing vision, build an attractive culture and have a compelling business model. They create a long term capitalization strategy, have a clear go-to-market strategy and develop a thought leader position very early on. Top entrepreneurs ensure they get market traction as early as possible and never stop selling their idea and vision, they master connection building and learn fast what their growth determining KPIs are.
We are determined to help you become exactly that type of top entrepreneur.

1 week in Lucerne + 11 weeks structured mentorship. Individual mentorship to the B-Round and beyond.
Society3 Accelerator Timeline

1) Kick Off Week

Accelerator Program Week I

Day 1  --  Vision, Culture, Capital

Society3 Accelerator Program: Vision

  • Vision Solidification A profound vision helps attract co-founders, investors, team mates, customers, and business partners. The art of being bold and developing a real big picture that is of substance.
  • Market Research Conducting profound market research, competitive analysis and anticipated market evolution.
  • Founders & Culture  The special importance of having a founders team. What you call company culture internally is seen as customer experience by the market. Your culture will make or break your idea. Tips and stories from past culture development activities.

Day 2  --  Disruptive Business Models

 Accelerator Program: Business Model
  • Disruptive Business Model Development Disruptive Business Models outperform any technology leadership. Working on various options for your business. Learn from disruptive business models and how they impact global markets and company valuations
  • Product Integration Integrating all business model aspects into your product design - in particular the way users experience the business model.
  • Competitive Advantage How disruptive business models can force competitors to respond, making you a leader and them a follower.

Day 3  --  Go-To-Market & Traction

 Accelerator Program: Leadership
  • Go-to-market Strategy  You know your market, you have a product, you solve a problem. The majority of entrepreneurs fail by lacking a go to market strategy. Under the hood however its the lack of a longer term perspective.
  • Market Traction Traction development through top level execution on your go-to-market strategy. Every entrepreneurs knows: in the end sales makes or breaks the company.
  • Budgeting Marketing Marketing & sales budget consideration. Human resource requirements, talent acqusition. Financial plan for rapid growth

Day 4  --  Customer & Business Growth

 Accelerator Program: Traction
  • Mastering Connections Young entrepreneurs seem to depend on connections from others such as Investors and mentors. But how about creating an influential network right from the beginning? STOP the dependency on the connections from others. Learn how to weave your own network.
  • Customer Growth Development Growing user base and customer sales is not a matter of a cool product or massive advertising. Growth strategies to get to 1% to 2% daily growth and drive it to a global company over the next few years.

Day 5  --  Capital & Funding

Society3 Accelerator Program: funding
  • Business Capitalization How to develop a capitalization strategy from seed rounds to IPO. Capital planning, round sizes, equity distribution, board composition, company control strategies...
  • Fundraising & Pitching The Society3 founders team successfully raised seed rounds, multiple venture rounds, and crowdfunding rounds. You will want to have options, know the differences and how to get to the right investor.
  • Investor Relations Investors are highly influential people with a superior skill to connect to more highly influential people. Understand to leverage that value for your business.


2) Program week II to week X
In each of these weeks we work with you online and individually. Everything we discussed and touched in the initial first Week will now be executed and made a reality. Expect one or two weeks in between each of the program weeks. That way you have time to initiate the necessary steps for a well managed execution.

1) Vision Solidification - make your vision rock solid
2) Market research - detailed competition analysis
3) Founders & Culture - finding time to formulate your company culture

4) Target audience review - from a laser sharp smallest possible target market to going global
5) Disruptive Business Model Development - make your business model disrupt your market

6) Business Model Product Integration - have your business model represented in your product
7) Competitive Advantage - understand your true competitive advantage
8) Product Market Fit review - ensure product market fit one more time

9) Go-to-market strategy - Draft a down to earth easy to follow go to market strategy
10) Budgets & Resources - Be clear about the resources and budgets you need to win your market

11) Traction Development - ways to methodically grow your market traction

12) Mastering Connections - A methodical approach to get a meeting with everybody you need
Continue growing your market traction

13) Customer development - Winning new customers in a repeatable way
Continue growing your market traction

14) Capitalization strategy - Finalize your capitalization strategy
15) Investor Relations - Experience investor relations
Continue growing your market traction

16) Fundraising - building your next pitch deck and present

Key Results

Experience that timely execution is everything. Experience that leadership is not about great ideas but about consistent execution towards a big goal.


3) Society3's top success rate
Since our start in 2014 in San Francisco we continuously demonstrated one of the highest startup success rates in the industry measured by follow on financing after completing the accelerator.

Success rates vary between 67% and all the way up to 89% of follow on financing of the startups who participated. We attribute the success to the extrem focus on growth, traction development and growth hacking methods we help to develop.

We use follow on financing as ultimate success KPI because only those who continuesly are able to secure funding are the ones who have a very good chance to grow to a global player.


4) What past attendees say:

Society3 Accelerator Program: Graduates

"I am really impressed with Axel and his team. We’ve been generating significant traction since the first week of the accelerator program." Samuli Zetterberg, SurveyPal

"The S3Accelerator program with their guidance and hands on support on how to build traction, helped us from the very first interactions to gain substantially more exposure including additional customers. The team’s deep business expertise gives us advise for our startup and we could not ask for more; a successful program in the making.” Richard Wimmer, Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based Lellan

"Traction Acceleration works - we increased registrations and conversions from its start. It works best, if one involves his entire team into growth-related activities". - Jan Zajac, Founder & CEO of Sotrender


5) Logistics
You have a bold vision
You have a founders team of min 2 people owning more than 15% each
You have an MVP

Start: Monday, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Every day in the first week from 09:00 to 4:30 except Friday
Friday we finish at about 2:30 PM

Lucerne, Switzerland

$/€/CHF 5,000 for Society3 funded companies
$/€/CHF 15,000 for qualified external entrepreneurs

Included in the program fee:
  • All program material
  • Two entrepreneurs dinner with investors
  • Graduation with certificate
  • Lifetime Society3 SF Accelerator Alumni
  • Free access to Society3 events in San Francisco, Berlin, Munich, Zürich
  • Preparing the follow-on round of funding


Entrepreneurs Camp, Oct 10, 2016 - Luzern

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