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XeeMe Advantages

All your online profiles on one page

1As a well connected person or brand you keep in touch on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, Google+, maybe Pinterest, various groups and other places and spaces. Instead of sharing all those URLs or let your contacts search for you, give them a single URL: XeeMe.com/YourName.


Keep your online presence up-to-date

2You already know: there are new networks coming up and some old go away. You can’t possibly tell your contacts all the time about all the changes. And with XeeMe you don’t have to. Just remove it from your XeeMe, once and for all.  Whoever sees your XeeMe always gets your latest presence.


Grow your network across the web

3You will be surprised how fast you grow your online presence with XeeMe. It’s simple: for the first time your friends and contacts see where you are. Not just on the top three networks but all the others. As they may share some of your content, others ‘discover you’. A great opportunity for more influence.


Know your most relevant networks

4Creating lots of engagement across all networks is exhausting. You will want to know, what sites are most relevant to your audience. We show you. You want to know which networks are most visited, we tell you, you want to know about the traffic to your XeeMe, you will see it and it’s all included.




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Custom background, plus background templates. Different themes and a place to share your online presence such as your professional profile on LinkedIn, your Facebook profile for friends, your Videos or playlists on YouTube, your daily updates on Twitter…. No need to manage your own website on top of all.

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