XeeMe Version 3 (X3) – Released

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We are very excited to release yet another major enhancement in our quest to deliver the best social presence manager. Improved UI, better design, new scoring and much more.



What’s new in X3:

UI cleanup – yet providing even more information

Much cleaner UI. Most of the little icons and information about the user has been moved to a new “Profile” tab. This allows also more room for a bio and other profile information.

The picture of a person is now bigger and in the top box of the XeeMe are only connection relevant information.

Creating groups of links with new “separator”

Based on several user requests we created a separator function to separate networks and sites in user defined groups. Just add a new network and select the “Separator”  item. Add some explanation and move it across your list.

New “Follow” button

It’s now much more intuitive to follow others. Obviously you need to be logged in to connect yourself with a new user.

New “Score Bar” shows most relevant social scores

The new “Score Bar” on top of the primary network list gives people an instant idea about network engagement and different types of scores. We selected the most relevant scores and update them daily. The current scores we use are:

  • Klout – indicating influence and network activities
  • XeeScore – indicating social presence value and number of social visitors
  • Kred – indicating credibility
  • PeerIndex – showing a comparison with peers
  • TrustCloud – a new score exploring levels of trust

You can manage your score bar under settings

Open Networker (XOPN) exposure

  Many of the XeeMe users are Open Networker and interested in further expanding their networks. The new XOPN icons indicate that a user is an open networker and also shares the rules with visitors. The icon can be set or removed in the Settings section of the new X3 version.

Content Sensitive Tabs

In X3 tabs are only shown if there are any networks listed. You still have three groups: your primary networks, groups and others.

New “Private” tab

This tab is only visible to you and shows all links and sites that you excluded from the listing. This is often used for sites that are not really social networks but the user want to visit often.

New Buzz Tab

we are soon releasing a new product called “Buzz” you see buzz campaigns already on some of the private beta test users. We will share more details any soon.


No more banner advertising

We decided to discontinue banner advertising. Makes the design even cleaner. Social awareness campaigns are the future and we believe it is much better to carry out a buzz with influential people than boring ads no one want to see. However we will need to explore those opportunities and will make several experiments over the next few months. XeeMe remains to be free. Instead of advertising, XeeMe users will help carry out buzzes.


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  1. Daniel Bachmann
    Daniel Bachmann02-25-2013

    Awesome improvements, just enabled the score banner and the open networker and yes I did vote for the shorty award..