Society3 – the new mother ship

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XeeMe evolved rapidly to a full blown product line. The Social Media Academy is continuously growing and also the consulting business picked up substantially. There was a burning need to bring all those growing activities under one roof and give it a unified focus.

We saw a need to streamline the consulting business towards present development, present management and social present initiatives like buzz or business growth strategies. We also decided to expand the software development towards presence related products and tools. With the growing importance of presence management we saw a need to also add more presence related training to the Academy.

We decided to merge all those activities into one company: Society3 which was registered in October 2012.

Society3 is the new social presence expert in the social media field. We help business teams to setup their social presence and then manage their presence. We offer technology to improve manageability of a social presence and social engagements and services to monitor those presences. Society3 is a technology and services provider focusing on everything social presence.

XeeMe will remain as a brand and will continue to be a free service. The XeeMe URL will not change and the individual social presences under will remain unchanged and continue to grow. The consulting services will now be delivered under the Society3 brand  and will be more streamlined towards social presence management. We will continue to work with tools and monitoring vendors and actually broaden that engagement. The Social Media Academy, now Society3 Academy will be also part of the new company but remain to be rather independent of the technology business. The Society3 Academy will continue to offer the full Social Media education range for medium to large enterprises and independent consultants.