30 Day LinkedIn Blitz

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My good friend Des Walsh is running a very interesting project called 30 Day LinkedIn Blitz.

We fully support this initiative because it squarely fits into our teaching of having a top notch social presence for our customers, prospects, partners and friends.

Here is the essence of the program:

  • Update your profile for greater findability and better approachability
  • Set up or expand LinkedIn Company Page
  • Review LinkedIn Groups memberships and participation effectiveness
  • Consider establishing your own group building your own ecosystem
  • Join the 30 day LinkedIn Blitz group

And here is your daily networking routine:

  • post 3 updates on your LinkedIn timelin
  • Make 1 recommendation for one of your contacts
  • Give 3 endorsements to your connections
  • Help with 1 response on LinkedIn Answers
  • Ask 1 question on LinkedIn Answers having others help you (Be nice and respond)
  • Invite 1 new person to connect (you have many interesting people in groups)
  • Contribute with at least 1 discussion topic on a Group

It won’t take more than 30 Minutes of your day (5% of your day time) but it could get you much more in terms of visibility, credibility, approachability, and reputation. Tweet what you do and you will see your Klout score grow. Share your XeeMe URL so people who see you see you in your entirety and your XeeScore will go up too.

I suggest using the hash tag #30dlb

Happy Networking